5 apps to secure your data

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For many of us, our smartphones contain our whole life: contacts, messages, payment information… And yet, the means of protecting our mobiles are still underused. Securing our data is not difficult. Some applications bring a real plus in the defense of your data and in the security of your communications. Small choice (necessarily subjective) of a few applications that can make the difference.

1- Last Pass: to manage all your passwords

We cannot repeat it enough, it is imperative to have different passwords depending on the applications you have. Unfortunately, it is difficult to always remember! So instead of generating a new password, consider Last Pass .

You will only have to remember your Last Pass password , and the application will take care of the rest. On the interface, you will be able to quickly and efficiently manage all your accounts, sensitive personal data, and much more.

In addition to being present on Android and iOS , Last Pass also works on Mac, Windows and Linux, in order to secure all your passwords on the different devices you use. And in order to guarantee maximum security, a password generator is integrated.

2- Or bot: for secret internet research

Surfing the dark net only involves its user, and the use he makes of it: that’s your business. For those who always claim more anonymity and want to explore the depths of the internet, Or bot is there. The application allows you to encrypt all your data. The app makes sure your transmissions are properly encrypted to ensure your anonymity, jumping you from location to location around the world. Discretion guaranteed.

You can therefore browse the well-known Tor browser on your Android. Be careful though: it is not because data is accessible on the net that it is legal.

3- Qwant: the search engine that does not spy on you

We wrote some time ago about the youngest Qwant . This French search engine relies on the confidentiality of your data, and promises not to disclose any of your personal information. Qwant app Intuitive interface, simplified access to information, and therefore data protection are the key words of this internet browser that will surely delight you. Qwant has enormous potential, and we are on board! Available on iOS and Android .

4- Opera VPN: to secure your smartphone on public Wi-Fi connections

As you know, connecting to public Wi-Fi networks involves risks. Indeed, they are less protected and therefore much more vulnerable to attacks than private connections. If you are used to connecting to these public networks, we can only advise you to install a VPN on your terminal. A VPN, forĀ  Virtual Private Network , will allow you to secure incoming and outgoing data from your device. The only counterpart will be a loss of speed in the transmission of this data, but you will be protected from intruders.Opera VPN

Opera VPN is a very practical application, especially since it is free. Not only will it protect you during these risky connections, but it will also block all trackers and prevent any tracking.

5- C Cleaner: to secure the deletion of files

Android has a lot of qualities, but can sometimes be a little lazy. For example when deleting files: the system has a bad habit of creating a lot of useless files, which will eat up a large part of your storage space.

C Cleaner is initially intended for PC. But faced with overwhelming demand, the company released its app on Android, and that’s great news. As its name suggests, it will completely clean your smartphone of all those unnecessary and cumbersome little files. You can say goodbye to all your cache files, unused history, unwanted downloaded files… And if you want an even stronger experience, you can upgrade to a premium account to plan all your clan ups.


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