Why is SEO essential for businesses?

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The presence on the Web begins for any company with the creation of a site in order to make known its services and its products. You have already taken this step and your business is online, congratulations! Yes, but if this tool is essential to make you known to your customers, putting it online alone will not be enough to ensure optimal visibility for your business on the Web . According to recent statistics compiled by Ahrefs [1] , 68% of online experiences start on a search engine and 53.3% of website traffic comes from organic search.. SEO, you have often heard of it, but what exactly is it and why is it so important for your business?

What is SEO?

The importance of being in the first search results

SEO , an acronym for Search  Engine Optimization, means “ search engine optimization ” in French . We also use the terms .

As for a cake, there are essential ingredients and in sufficient quantity to incorporate into the recipe for the result to taste good. Here are the 4 steps to follow to ensure the proper positioning of your business .

Step 1: Strategic SEO

The first step in optimizing the positioning of your website in search engines is to first look at the SEO strategy . Before building a website, it is necessary to consider the objectives you want to achieve in order to reach your target customers .

The fundamentals of an SEO strategy

The website is a tool that must support your business development . It doesn’t have to be a simple showcase that presents your business online, because you absolutely have to be on the Web. A website is the cornerstone of a good marketing strategy and business development !

To have an effective website , it is necessary to define the marketing fundamentals . Here are the points you need to ask yourself to make your site stand out.

The basics of strategic SEO

Clear value proposition  | In many cases, the products and services offered by the company are not clearly defined. For example, you must be able to answer the following questions:

Thoughtful selling points | The basis of marketing is that a customer buys a benefit, not a feature. Yet most websites present lists of product or service features. So you have to ask yourself:

Where does your business stand out?

From these objectives, it is then a question of defining the structure of your website . The tree structure represents the organization of the pages , the way your site will be built so that your target customers find the information they are looking for directly.

Step 2: technical SEO

Optimizing your website in search engines also goes through a second step that must be completed for the recipe to take. This is the technical SEO step , which affects the configuration of your site when it is created.

Mobility | Viewing websites on smartphones and tablets can account for over 60% of a website’s organic traffic . A non-adaptive website (in English “Responsive”, which does not adapt to the size of the screen) will be penalized by Google. It is therefore essential that your website is compatible with small screens. Check that all pages on your site are optimized for reading on mobile devices.

Sitemap | Create a sitemap, a map of your site that will tell search engines which pages of your site to know. It is essential for a good Google SEO . It also gives search engines the date of the last modification of a web page in order to allow faster indexing following modifications or additions of content.

technical SEO essentials

After checking the many technical details, the third step to consider in order for your website to be well indexed by search engines is that of writing SEO. Very often neglected, it is nevertheless crucial so that Web pages are associated with what your target customers are looking for. It comes down to putting the flavors that people love into your recipe. The terms typed by Internet users should be in the content of your website, some in specific places and others diluted in the texts.

Where to embed phrases people search for in a web page

It is recommended to integrate the keywords in several places in a page to generate qualified traffic, as in:

integrate keywords at ages

 With the search engine algorithm getting smarter and smarter, writing SEO has become a bit more complex , as it requires:

To do a little semantic field research in order to integrate into the target page a variety of expressions related to the subject of the page.

To write the texts of a page while not forgetting that a large part of research today is vocal . It is therefore necessary to write by getting as close as possible to spoken language.

To write the texts keeping in mind that Google and Bing index a page according to its content. The longer the content (500 to 1,000 words), the better the search engines will be able to understand the subject of the page and index it appropriately .

To take into account the size of Internet users’ requests , for example, by optimizing the SEO of a page with a long-tail request (search of at least 3 words typed into a search engine). This strategy will likely result in more targeted traffic than with more generic (1 or 2 word) keywords.

To work the internal mesh , by creating links inside the Web pages of a site, pointing towards other pages of the same site. Internal linking plays a dual role: it makes it easier for Internet users to navigate within a site and contributes to SEO by bringing Internet users from the most visited pages to other pages.


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