How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube – 10 Tips

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Today, I’m going to share with you “How did I go from zero to 1000 subscribers on YouTube”. Here I am going to share with you ten tips that allowed me, from scratch , nothing at all, no YouTube channel, to start having my first subscribers . So here, I’m going to give you ten tips that will allow you not only to gain more subscribers, but also to lose fewer of them .

Indeed, I noticed that there were many people on YouTube who said “How to get more subscribers”, but that there were few people who mentioned the fact that every month, we lose subscribers. And that too is important. Especially since it is easier to lose less than to win more. So I’m going to tell you about it in this video.

The first advice I give you is to always have a call to action at the end of your videos. Whenever you finish a video, say a very clear call to action. You finish a video and at the end: “Here it is, subscribe on the link that appears just below”. I always invite you to cross this with advice number 2 that I gave you now.

Always give a valid reason to subscribe to your channel

My second piece of advice is to always give people who watch your video a valid reason to subscribe. I also see a lot of Youtubers saying “Subscribe right below, subscribe, subscribe!” “. What is the interest for people who want to subscribe? What is their interest?

Today, if there are lots of videos in different fields, what is the interest of people who watch you, who watch your YouTube channel, who want to follow you, but who already follow lots of other YouTube channels. What is their concrete interest?

Is their interest, it is simply to inflate your number of subscribers? Not at all. So it’s up to you to give them good reasons. Me, what I recommend to you is to say “Subscribe on the link that appears just below”, you show them the link, you describe it to them. Me, if I’m not telling you nonsense, it’s in that direction. So concretely, you point to the button, you say for example “Subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive every Monday… or to receive all my next videos which will Because very clearly, if people watch your videos on YouTube, they want something.

No matter what your YouTube channel is about, focus on what people want. If people are watching your YouTube channel because they like watching you play, because they like seeing you walking around, because they like seeing you vlogging, and just fine, tell them that subscribing, they will get your new videos for free in the process of… and there you just put the subject of your YouTube channel.

Set up a “like box”

My third piece of advice, if you have a website or a blog, is to put what we call “  like boxes  ”. So what are “like boxes”? If you have a website, you can put in the right column called the “side bar” (right or left column, it depends on your website), a small insert that will allow visitors to your website to be able to subscribe to your YouTube channel with a single left click. I’m going to put one for you now on the screen. It is very simple. Once you have a website, you will have a small insert with your header on YouTube, your logo and a big button right next to it to subscribe. It’s very simple to set up.

You still need a blog. So, if you don’t know how to create a blog, I put a link in the description of the video that shows you How to create a blog at OVH in less than five minutes . It’s very fast. This is a video that is totally free.

Keep your audience’s attention

My fourth tip for getting more subscribers on YouTube is going to be to keep people’s attention on YouTube. You should know that you have three big levels of focus on YouTube. That is to say that concretely, as soon as you exceed one of these levels, you are sure that you lose a lot of people. For example, after three minutes, you lose roughly 40-50% of people watching your video. Then you have another level after 11 minutes. As soon as you go over 11 minutes, same thing, people’s attention will start to drop, drop, drop.

If you have a YouTube channel that teaches other people how to get a result, which I recommend to you, and by the way, I don’t recommend it, the source comes from buffer blog, in a study that s ‘calls  Ideal length of everything online. This study was done by the YouTube channel called Ted Talks.

Ted Talks, if you don’t know, is a YouTube channel in the USA, which is a huge hit; they invite big stars. The YouTube channel requires all “speakers”, so all those who go on stage to make the video, it requires them to make a speech of less than 18 minutes. Why 18 minutes? Quite simply because beyond 18 minutes, there are hardly any people listening. This is an excellent ratio in terms of retaining attention to conversion. So, 18 minutes maximum for each of your videos . Of course you can make them shorter, of course you can make some longer. But 18 minutes , it is concretely, the most optimal format , great maximum.

Do not lose subscribers by avoiding unnecessary passages in your videos.

As I told you, I will not only tell you “How to get more subscribers”, I will also tell you: “How to lose fewer subscribers”. I take a very simple example.

Let’s say you are subscribed to a YouTube channel and on this YouTube channel there are intros every time. There are two possibilities :

If you love the Youtuber in question, what will happen if, after 100 videos, you type the same intro all the time that “bores you”? What’s going to happen ? You advance the video to pass the moment of the introduction.

For all the people who follow you a little bit, but who are also not addicted to your content, what will happen? Well very clearly, they are going to be fed up. They will leave your videos.

What is very important for the good referencing of your videos, (I will not make a parenthesis on the referencing), if you want to have excellent results , you have to focus on the viewing time. If your video’s watch time is completely broken because of a repetitive intro that’s boring for everyone, not only are you losing new subscribers, in the sense that people who arrive will see an intro and that’s not is not what they want. What they want is to have the information immediately within three, four, five seconds, even if this is not necessarily possible. But if in addition to that, they have to type an introduction, I do not tell you the world that you are losing!


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