How to Sell Your Old iPhone: The Complete Guide to Selling Your iPhone to Swappie

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In fact, you are one of the growing number of people who want to explore the world of reselling their old devices. The reasons are many, ranging from the optimization of its initial investment to the preservation of the environment. Selling a phone to a company can seem weird and cause you to ask yourself a lot of questions. In this article, I will endeavor to answer the most common questions and concerns that arise when selling an old iPhone. We’ll also take a look at some of the many reasons people around the world turn to Swappie when they want to sell their used iPhones.

How to choose the right company to sell your phone to?

No two mobile phone vendors are alike. The services and support offered by companies can be completely different, some sales processes are smooth and simple while others are long and tedious. To avoid a long and difficult sale, you need to know exactly what you are asking of a company that buys and resells old phones.

If you don’t know Swappie, you have every reason to wonder what makes our company stand out. There are plenty of possible explanations, but we think it’s mainly the fact that sales happen in a quick and easy way that brings customers around the world to come back to us when they have an old phone to sell. We’ve listed 10 reasons why Swappie is popular below.

1) Simplicity

Selling a phone to a business should always be easy as pie! Our goal at Swappie is that the sale is always smooth and simple so that you can receive your payment as quickly as possible. Selling your phone is a three-step process: fill out a form, package the phone, and mail it. First, you complete the Swappie online sales form and print your DHL label. Then you pack your phone carefully to protect it during transport. Finally, you schedule a collection or bring your package to a DHL pick-up point to ship it.

2) Speed

You can complete the above three steps in just a few minutes. It usually takes 1-3 business days for Swappie to receive your phone and 2-3 business days for testing phones. Payment is made to the bank account you indicated on your form as soon as the exam is complete. Some customers may receive payment within a week of shipping their old phone.

3) Ease

Swappie allows you to easily and quietly sell your phone from your home or office. A small box, packaging and a printer are enough. It only takes a few minutes to complete the form and send your package, and you will quickly receive the agreed payment for your old phone.

4) Security

Selling your old phone to Swappie is safe and secure. All our shipments are made through DHL, the world’s leading logistics company, which pays particular attention to the protection of its packages. All of our payments are made by direct bank transfer, the safest and fastest way to transact. And, most importantly, if you decide to cancel the sale before payment is received, just let us know and we’ll return your phone to you in the condition we received it.

5) Professionalism

When you sell a phone to Swappie, you can be sure you’re dealing with an experienced team of industry professionals. The Swappie concept was created a few years ago, following a bad experience of the company’s founders with an online used phone dealer. So the founders created Swappie to provide anyone around the world with a safe and secure marketplace to buy and sell their used phones.

6) Equity

Swappie strives to pay fair value for its customers’ used iPhones. We closely follow the latest market trends to be able to offer you the fairest compensation depending on the model and condition of your phone. We pay you by direct bank transfer, to ensure that transactions are as fast as possible.

7) Durability

Refurbishment and resale of an old phone contributes to respect for the environment, due to the reduction of electronic waste, and less use of the raw materials necessary to manufacture a new phone. Mining of precious materials is also reduced. We do not necessarily realize it, but mobile phones contain traces of copper, silver, and even gold! Many countries are now encouraging citizens to sell or recycle their old phone and electronic devices.

8) Support

Reliable technical support must be the foundation of success for any mobile phone dealer. Even if the sale of your phone has every reason to go very well, you may have questions or encounter problems during or after the sale. In this case, we guarantee you a quick response from our highly qualified iPhone experts. Swappie’s customer service is exceptional and we always do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.


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