The best applications for a successful back-to-school!

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The fall is fast approaching! So to help you attack it on the right foot, we’ve selected 4 apps to help you get back on track!

This collaborative platform is organized to barter your children’s knowledge in order to obtain help in return in the areas where they are most in difficulty. Indeed, to prevent the little dunces from no longer doing their homework by sending them to the app each time, the platform uses a “ token ” and “ gem ” mechanism. For example, posting an assignment costs 1 token, and providing an answer (which will be verified) to another user’s assignment earns you 1 token. You are therefore obliged to help others in order to be helped in return !

Available on Android and iOS .

With each new school year, we have to find a new organization for the parents. Between work, school and leisure, it is not always easy to organize these multiple journeys. The Cmabulle app was created to pool school and extra-curricular journeys .

Access to the application is secure and only the parents of your establishment have access to the service and can contact you. Your establishment must therefore be registered on the app to have access to it.

Thanks to Cmabulle, you will be able to find parents near you and organize the trips for your children together.

Available on Android and iOS .

Because you don’t always have a printer or scanner nearby, Cam Scanner allows you to have all your documents close at hand . Invoices, tax return, school certificate… Easy to use, you just need to take a picture of all your important documents. Then, thanks to its intelligent image processing technology, Cam Scanner automatically detects the edges of your images, crops them and improves the quality of your photo. Moreover, you can share your documents by converting them directly to pdf.

After several weeks of holidays in the sun, it is not always easy to get back into the rhythm. So for parents who tend to be a little dizzy, we recommend the Evernote app . This app allows you to record anything you want . You can save your notes in any format in text, sketches, photos… Moreover, you can synchronize your application with all your devices . Start a note on your smartphone, then continue it on your computer.

Of course, nothing replaces a real camera. But smartphone manufacturers are making more and more effort on the performance of our smartphones’ cameras. We reveal 4 accessories for your smartphones to enhance your photos!

These lens kits are very practical for varying the effects on your photos and are easy to use. These packs generally consist of 3 lenses: a ” fisheye ” allowing 180° vision, a wide angle (ideal for landscapes) and a macro (very practical for capturing all the details up close). But you can find many more on the internet!

Note: before placing an order, make sure that the pack you are ordering is compatible with your

A second accessory to be equipped like a pro: a mini tripod. This object will prove to be very practical for making time- lapse videos , but also if you like to take long exposure photos .

These models are generally ultra compact and very light so that you can take it everywhere to immortalize your landscapes in optimal quality.

If you’re more of a video fan, then a stabilizer will be the accessory you can’t live without! Indeed, this tool will make your slowmotions, timelapses, panoramas IM-PECC-ABLES!

Thanks to a stabilizer, your smartphone turns into a smart camera. No more tremors and give way to ultra fluid and professional shots.

And finally, once you have filled your smartphone with sublime photos thanks to all your accessories, print them directly from your smartphone using a portable printer. You will be able to edit your shots and even customize them before printing based on the templates.

In addition, if you are part of the clan of those who always like to send postcards, you can print your photos directly from your smartphone and send them to your loved ones!


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