6 online identity verification tools

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Digital identity is a set of technologies that play a central role in many digital interactions between individuals and institutions. At the same time, technologies related to digital identity can be considered as ‘double-edged swords’: they can be used both for the good of society and individuals, but also for undesirable or even by governments and other institutions, as well as by individual malicious actors, because it is not always clear where the user’s data ends up during the verification process.

Moving away from traditional manual methods of identity verification provides several other immediate benefits like improved turnaround times through its automation, increased levels of accuracy… Using an identity verification system Reliable digital also reduces the risk of human error.

Online identity verification tools

1. Check

A leader in identity verification, KYC and identity fraud prevention automation, Veriff helps your business comply with regulations without sacrificing new customers. It’s a whole infrastructure that is dedicated to identity verification, KYC and digital credit scoring. Veriff’s Identity Verification Platform uses AI-driven technology to onboard a customer in seconds. The company boasts a 98% control automation rate and an average decision time of 6 seconds. Veriff covers over 9,500 identity documents, 95% of users are verified the first time.


A Budapest-based company, SEON offers a full suite of anti-fraud software. The focus is on digital fingerprinting, with tools like IP scanning, email and phone number scanning, device fingerprinting, and even reverse lookup. social media.

All data is matched against risk rules, which are fully customizable by a risk manager. SEON is not only used for fraud prevention since many companies also use it to verify the creditworthiness of their users, thanks to additional data, or to filter out unwanted users before official KYC checks.

The various tools offered by SEON allow you to verify the identity of users through their digital fingerprint, allowing you at the same time to better understand who your users are, all through invisible controls that do not slow down the process. customer.

3. MemberCheck

Founded in 2008, MemberCheck has a long history of helping organizations meet their compliance obligations, with its online identity verification solution as its main selling point.

The process is easy to integrate via RESTful APIs, and of course you can perform all the standard AML checks you might need, such as PPE checks and sanction lists.

4. Trulioo

Trulioo is a Vancouver-based company that offers an identity verification solution as part of a KYC process.

Platform features include identity verification, document verification and anti-money laundering watchlist monitoring.

The system accepts more than 4,200 types of official documents in 195 countries, and the GlobalGateway portal can verify… 5 billion identities!

5. Jumio

Still an industry heavyweight, Jumio automates identity verification for companies like HSBC and United.

The Jumio platform KYX platform is designed to provide the best possible customer experience, and can analyze 3,500 document types from over 200 countries.

You can use it to verify identities, but also to verify addresses, calculate fraud risk, and even view government watch lists, making it an ideal all-rounder for heavily regulated industries.


IDCheck.io allows you to instantly and automatically verify a remote identity.

From identity document checks to comprehensive identity checks, IDCheck.io offers a range of automated services ensuring smooth, instant and paperless conversion steps.

Your customer onboarding is automated, fraud is detected and your services are fully KYC compliant.


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